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Tower Bridge – London

Lower bridge

Earliest 3DS Max work

The Crown of Hyderabad

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It’s my earliest Maya work. A complete interior and exterior work. All objects are Organized well and perfectly match to real Metric measurements.

Comic characters

Set Model in Maya

It is my own imagination of Modeling work in Maya


Human Skeleton Maya work

Inspired from Tomb Rider



I brought a color pencil box for practicing sketching after a couple of weeks those pencils became as smaller as  unable to handle. I through them in to dustbin and get a new box  and started sketching with new ones. one-day all pencil sticks which are thrown in to dustbin  came along to my desk and said  “we don’t want to go in to the dust bin”. I scared you know!  “OK” I replied and join them like this now those are happy but my “Pencilor” is right now observing  your left side surroundings who are there? what is happening there? is it correct? watch him..Thanks for visiting. Is Pencilor looking handsome?


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